Pilates Practice Lab

Classical Pilates of L.I. ‘s education program includes Pilates Practice Lab sessions. This a unique opportunity for you to take your Pilates journey to the next level! In this self-guided program, you’ll receive a personalized packet of exercises tailored to your level. Unlike our instructional sessions, where I guide you through each movement, the Self-Guided Practice Lab empowers you to navigate your Pilates routine independently. Here’s how it works:

1. Personalized Exercise Packet: You will have your choice to work on either Reformer or Tower. You will then receive a carefully curated packet of Pilates exercises designed to enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall practice.

2. Independent Practice: During your Self-Guided Practice Lab, you have the freedom to work through your session individually. Take your time to move through the exercises at your own pace. This independent approach allows you to deepen your understanding of the work and develop a sense of ownership over your Pilates practice.

3. Safety and Support: While you’re working independently, I’ll be on hand to ensure your safety and answer any questions you may have. 

4. Accelerated Progress: The Self-Guided Practice Lab is designed to complement your instructional sessions, allowing you to progress more efficiently. By taking responsibility for your practice, you’ll develop a greater understanding of the Pilates work, you will build more strength and flexibility, which will enable us to progress and move onto advanced techniques during our instructional sessions.

5. Cost-Effective Approach: The Self-Guided Practice Lab offers a more affordable option, empowering you to engage in Pilates more frequently and maximize the benefits of this transformative practice.

Embrace the opportunity to take charge of your Pilates journey with our Self-Guided Practice Lab. Your commitment to independent practice will enhance your skills and contribute to a more efficient and effective instructional session. Take advantage of this empowering session and unlock the full potential of your Pilates practice!