Happy New Year 2021

2020 was rough and change is coming but unfortunately, not quite soon enough.

However, we are strong, we can persevere and we can hang on just a little bit longer.

In the meanwhile, I wanted to let everyone know what the plan is for the next few, cold winter months and the exciting new plans I have for the studio as we look ahead towards Spring.

The plan is that I will continue to run private sessions, as currently set up (you in-studio/me on zoom). I will continue this format until the warm weather is upon us and I can be back in the studio with you, with the door and windows open to ensure proper ventilation. Pricing will also stay the same until I am able to accommodate duet sessions.

Now for the exciting news and a look at what’s ahead:

I will be sprucing up the studio in February; fresh new paint and giving it some TLC. I will be closing the studio a week or so, in February to allow for this and will notify you when I know the exact dates.

New apparatus is coming to the studio:

A ladder Barrel, High Chair, Baby chair, Pedi-Pole, Spine Corrector and Half Arc!

This apparatus completes the Pilates Method system so that I will be able to offer you the entire breadth and depth of the work as intended. The order has been placed; all apparatus is made to order and the company is notoriously slow. I anticipate the apparatus’ arrival in May.

The next exciting plan for the studio is I will be offering Pilates Avatar to all clients.

Pilates Avatar is an audio program that allows for you to work in the studio, independently.

Please watch this short one-minute video that explains how Pilates Avatar works: https://youtu.be/_AsU43aiabQ

I am excited to offer Pilates Avatar because it will allow you to add additional Pilates sessions to your week at a more affordable price point.

When the studio is re-opened for Duets (which I hope will be by May/June) the new pricing structure will be:

Duet sessions (two clients per session): Four Sessions – $160

Private Sessions: Four sessions – $300

Pilates Avatar will be offered as an add-on session, (meaning, your second, or third session of the same week that you have taken your private or duet session.)

If you take one private session that week, then your Avatar session is priced at $10 for that week for you.

If you take two duet sessions that week, then your Avatar session is priced at $10 for that week for you.

If you take one duet session that week, then your Avatar session is priced at $20 for that week for you.

If you take two private sessions that week, then your Avatar session is FREE for you that week.

I will of course go over all this information with you, and speak with you about exactly how Pilates Avatar works, its great many benefits and show you how you can also purchase Pilates Avatar sessions for your home practice, to complete mat sessions, as much as you like.

The plan is to introduce Pilates Avatar as soon as I am able to be in the studio with you. Which I am hoping will be in March. However, I can get you set up and started using Pilates Avatar at home right away and will be happy to discuss this with you at your next session.

I am very excited for the year ahead in the studio.

Good things lie ahead for us all.