Oak Roots by: LM Melfi

                  Buried in the earthWhere the mighty oak growsDeep within its rootsLies the truth to expose~ PART ONE “A lie would make no sense unless the truth was felt to be dangerous.”  Carl Jung November 1980  ...

Hawthorne Blossoms

A life that takes its first breath beneath The Hawthorne Blossoms, forever exists in a state of duality, a source of both refuge and affliction; many blessings and sorrows for those who embrace the sacred Hawthorne.   August 1955 The tattered seagull perched high...

The Ash Moon

As the sacred Ash Tree attracts lightning, the child born under The Ash Moon attracts our one true life ~ Lynn M. Melfi   “Perhaps they were right putting love into books. Perhaps it could not live anywhere else.” William Faulkner         1962        The nurse...

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