The Classical Pilates Method encourages you to work with a fluid pace and flow. Having an initial introduction to teacher training through a contemporary school, I was not seeing the method as a whole. I was seeing individual exercises to pick and choose. Once I...

Oh, is that what you mean, when you always say…?

Repetition, pace, doing the same exercise on different apparatus, figuring out the physics of an exercise (what energy is going down and what energy is going up to make this exercise possible), visualizing the lines of two way stretch in a particular exercise,...

Symphony of Movement

In my personal practice, within different exercises, I play with all four movements of a symphony. Which are: brisk and lively, slower and more lyrical, energetic and boisterous play and a rollicking finale. Just as in a symphony when one movement ends, the next...


I first heard the cue, “find the ease of the exercise” while working in private zoom sessions with Jennifer Kries. She would say it when I was first learning the Classical Method and I would think to myself, “What is she nuts?” The work was challenging and required my...

supposed to be 001

Do you lose sight of who you are and what you are meant to do?  In the chaos of life, work, family, commercialism; the self will often become absorbed and distorted.  We act, react and make decisions without even having a real sense of who we are...

hang tight 002

To” hang tough” and “hang in there” are terms used to applaud heroic and idolized behavior.  But what about when it takes more strength, more determination and character to let go?      As long as the spirit is willing and the body...

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