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What is a Pilates Practice Lab?

Pilates Practice Lab Classical Pilates of L.I. 's education program includes Pilates Practice Lab sessions. This is a unique opportunity for you to take your Pilates journey to the next level! In this self-guided program, you'll receive a personalized packet of...

Happy New Years

Happy New Year 2021 2020 was rough and change is coming but unfortunately, not quite soon enough. However, we are strong, we can persevere and we can hang on just a little bit longer. In the meanwhile, I wanted to let everyone know what the plan is for the next few,...


The Classical Pilates Method encourages you to work with a fluid pace and flow. Having an initial introduction to teacher training through a contemporary school, I was not seeing the method as a whole. I was seeing individual exercises to pick and choose. Once I...

Oh, is that what you mean, when you always say…?

Repetition, pace, doing the same exercise on different apparatus, figuring out the physics of an exercise (what energy is going down and what energy is going up to make this exercise possible), visualizing the lines of two way stretch in a particular exercise,...

Symphony of Movement

In my personal practice, within different exercises, I play with all four movements of a symphony. Which are: brisk and lively, slower and more lyrical, energetic and boisterous play and a rollicking finale. Just as in a symphony when one movement ends, the next...


I first heard the cue, “find the ease of the exercise” while working in private zoom sessions with Jennifer Kries. She would say it when I was first learning the Classical Method and I would think to myself, “What is she nuts?” The work was challenging and required my...

Oak Roots by: LM Melfi

                  Buried in the earthWhere the mighty oak growsDeep within its rootsLies the truth to expose~ PART ONE “A lie would make no sense unless the truth was felt to be dangerous.”  Carl Jung November 1980  ...

Daily Classical Mat Sessions During Covid-19 Closure

**Free online Zoom Sessions has ended. As of May 1st you can now text or call 631.880.8917 to schedule a private zoom mat session. Please text or call to inquire about the cost and to schedule. Thank you ~ Lynn  Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us04web.zoom.us/j/182470989...

Classical Pilates of Long Island

Introducing the new name of the studio! Same great studio, classes andinstructor 🤸. Studio just needed an updated name indicative of thework that is practiced and the legacy that it strives to preserve.classicalpilatesli.com