supposed to be 001

Do you lose sight of who you are and what you are meant to do?  In the chaos of life, work, family, commercialism; the self will often become absorbed and distorted.  We act, react and make decisions without even having a real sense of who we are and what drives our desires and ambitions. 

    I use movement to find my quiet moments. It is the work of physical movement that helps me remember who I am.  When I run – I can hear myself, be myself and escape the static noise of the world.   I know the ideas and truths that occur to me when I am running are real and are coming from that powerful place deep within me.  

    When I practice Pilates I can remember & focus on what my legs, abdominals, arms…, are meant for, not the image they are “supposed to be.”  I want to use them for the jobs they were intended.  I want them to be strong and healthy and I am humbly grateful that they are. When I move through the work I can shut off the self-talk in my head and simply exist.  My weaknesses become challenges, not burdens and my imperfections receive compassion.  My abdominals are protecting my back, because that is what they are there for – not for aesthetic pleasure – and they are overjoyed that I am finally able to remember that.

    Everyone needs to figure out what works for them.  It may be movement it may be something else.  This is the work that needs to be sort out and done, every day.   I believe this is how the world changes by filling it with people who “remember who they are” and not “who they are supposed to be.”