**Free online Zoom Sessions has ended. As of May 1st you can now text or call 631.880.8917 to schedule a private zoom mat session. Please text or call to inquire about the cost and to schedule. Thank you ~ Lynn 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 182 470 989

You can join me daily Mondays & Wednesdays at 1 pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00 pm EST via Zoom during the Covid-19 closure of the studio (sessions are 30 minutes, therefore, there is no admittance once the session has begun).

 The sessions are free but please read through the guidelines before your first session.

I will be guiding you in each of these sessions through the Classical Mat Work. All you need is a mat or some sort of cushion (i.e. rug, towel) for your spine, you do not need any props for these sessions.

The Classical Mat Work that I will guide you through daily is fundamental to all of the apparatus work. I would like to use this time to create consistency for my clients. The repetition of doing these exercises daily will help your body learn the work.

If you are looking instead for variety, there are a plethora of online streaming Pilates workouts out there for you at this time.

During the time I spend with you daily, I would like to offer a consistent set of exercises which will strengthen you and provide you with a strong foundation for your Pilates practice.

The Classical Mat Work is hard and humbling. You may not be able to do everything at first but if you stick with it, you will feel your body change. You will build the strength, stamina, flexibility and stability to do an increased amount of the work.

The format of teaching Pilates through Zoom to multiple clients is not ideal, in the sense that I can’t see each of you and provide individual corrections and instructions. Pilates was intended to be passed on directly from master to apprentice, with a very hands-on individualized approach. It is because of this that while you are exercising in a virtual format you must be vigilant in caring for your own body. Please heed the advice I provide when I offer general modifications and instruct you to only perform the amount of repetitions, at the level you are ready for.

Pilates is hard. It causes discomfort in the body, but it does not cause pain. If you feel pain, stop! There is never a time your low back or neck should hurt. If at any point you have these pains you need to, stop, re-set and try the next exercise. Tomorrow will be another day, and you will try again!

These daily sessions are for healthy individuals without any restrictions on their exercise programs.

Please text me with any questions you might have about the exercises or the sessions and I will be happy to provide additional, personalized information.


Lynn 🙂